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The 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD Song is a music video upcoming 2024 Canadian stop motion animated children's music composed, conducted, and written song. The special premiered on the A Song is Forever on December 6, 2024.

The soundtrack for The 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD is from the stop motion similar to Jingle All the Way. It's a same A Song is Forever known as Rankin/Bass Productions and Hallmark Channel.

The music video is dedicated to Richards and stop motion Eric Thompson, who died on September 10, 2010 and December 4, 2023, respectively.


Introduction of Eric to say "Happy Christmas Eric", Emma like to play in the snow with "Who's That Girl", all of the Children learn to "You Know That Christmas Time This Year", Grace learn to want for christmas starring with Dolly and Rudolph along with "What Does Grace Want for Christmas", and a last song "Christmas Eve".

Voice Cast

  • Emma Thompson as Herself
  • Grace Thompson as Herself
  • Eric Thompson as Himself
  • Billie Mae Richards as Rudolph, this is from archival recordings were Richards' last one voice role before his death in September 2010.


Background and Casting

File:Eric rides Rudolph.jpg

Rudolph and Eric Thompson rides "What Does Grace Want for Christmas", the last voiced by Billie Mae Richards an archival recordings in 2024.

"The 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD" was the last voice recorded for Billie Mae Richards, A Song is Forever's album. Along with the rest of the album, the song was produced, mixed, and engineered at Archival Recording in Ontario, Canada.

After seems completing the album, A Song is Forever presented it to their record label Interscope, but the label declined a release because they felt they felt there was no viable first or second single. Eric Thompson, A Song is Forever's manager, offered Eric advice in writing additional songs by pointing him to a copy of Billboard magazine. Over the next days, Thompson wrote "The 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD", which would become the first three singles from A Song is Forever.

Many of the fans that had written to A Song is Forever considered themselves outcasts and identified strongly with the singers, and Thompson "set out to write an anthem" for them. He also incorporated more melancholy lyrics as well, which contrasted with the upbeat instrumentation. A Song is Forever did not have much time to voice record in the song and memory of Billie Mae Richards, a session actress, for archival recordings instead of their voice actress. Basically, Thompson performed the singers on the song.

Most of the voice actors, including Emma Thompson, Grace Thompson and Eric Thompson, signed on their roles. Billie Mae Richards intended to reprise his role as Rudolph, but died in September 2010, before any lines were recorded as the script was still being rewritten.

Parodies and Stop Motions

"The 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD" has become widely used as an internet stop motion and is frequently parodied. musicals and stop motion have often focused on its connection to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in 1964, which has a large online memory and stop motion community. The song's basic structure lends itself easily towards being used for mashups or musicals; Both the song's chorus as well as its 2024 "shiny nose" line are mostly used as Billie Mae Richards due to their widest contition.


50px-Gnome-mime-sound-openclipart.jpgThe 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD Song (2024)

A sample of the chorus of "Christmas CD". Music children character the song as an alternate music and play song.

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"The 2004 Emma & Grace & Eric Christmas CD" is a song set on A Song is Forever, this song during for the children's music composed, conducted, written song, the artistic music videos, and more.

Music Video

Directed by Eric Thompson, the accompanying music video features cameos by Emma, Grace, Eric, Rudolph and Dolly as their characters from the classic film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964), which prominently features the song.

In November 2024, the music video was behind the scenes in HD and received subtitles. By that point, it had received over than thousand views on YouTube.

Track Listing

No. Title Length
1. "Welcome" 0:27
2. "Happy Christmas Eric" 2:30
3. "Who's That Girl" 2:17
4. "You Know That Christmas Time This Year" 2:06
5. "What Does Grace Want for Christmas" 2:37
6. "Last Song" 0:35
7. "Christmas Eve" 3:06
Total length: 13:39

Home Media

Warner Home Video released DVD and Blu-Ray of the movie in December 22, 2024.

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